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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not One, Not Two, Not Three but Eight!

It was a snow day and the boys stayed home with Dad. Mac and Wes had some fun playing pirates, X-box and destroying every room in the house. I came home from work, said hello to the family and sat down with Mac to start his usually very stressful homework.  My husband Marc tries to do homework with Mac but Mac will normally only do this with me. 

Marc and I both noticed he was a little wired and just played if off as cabin fever and was ready to get back to his school schedule the next day.  Mac could not sit still and was refusing to do his spelling. I asked him if he would like to start with math or reading first. I was giving him a choice but still no reasoning with him.

After several attempts of offering rewards for doing his homework Mac started hitting his head on on the back door, licking the kitchen table and I am not sure what else at the moment. He then said 'Mommy I ate something I shouldn't'.  Mac ran out of the kitchen to find the empty hidden bag of regular-gluten, yeast filled HOT DOG BUNS!  He ate all EIGHT hot dog buns some time that day.  I couldn't believe it! After the discussion of why he had done this his behavior started to go down hill even more. As punishment for eating food he knows very well he can't have and not for doing homework we decided to send him to his room.

Mac began running around the house.  We would send him to his room and he would run out again and again, the whole time laughing nervously. Mac does this when he gets in trouble. Like many other kids on the spectrum he doesn't know how to react or can't really tell that is father and mother are very angry with him.  I tried hugging Mac to calm him down but nothing was working at the moment.

Finally he stayed in his room and started sobbing. He hadn't had dinner and was probably feeling really out there from eating the hot dog buns. So Marc and I made a joint decision that Mac was 'too far gone' for the night. The hot dog buns had taken over his mind and body. I went up and made a deal with him. He could come down and eat dinner at the kitchen table and if he finished his spelling he could watch Wipe Out, our favorite family show! 

Mac lived up to our deal and we all enjoyed Wipe Out before bedtime. 

I wanted to share this evening on my blog because it is so hard to know what to do in some of these situations. I am glad Marc was home from work that night. To have a support there was very helpful. 

Also, it is so hard not to eat those foods you love! I know I want to cheat and sneak sometimes too so I know how Mac feels.

Mac has started sneaking food more and more that he knows he can not have! He may be in a growth spurt so I am trying to feed him as much and as often as possible. We may even go to the extreme of locking up all shelf stable foods he can not eat.  Any suggestions let me know.

Spelling Test Update! The next day Mac got 100% on his test!

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